Bulow Park is Beautiful!

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Bulow Park is a great place for kids to play with several playground in the park. This park is a few acres big with many big old trees that provide plenty of shade. It also includes an historic amphitheater, not as old as the the roman amphitheaters of Europe and the Middle East, but old for american standards. This park is a great place for a picnic, riding a bike or just hanging out and reading a good book. Balow park is located at S. 11th St and W. main St.


Bulow Park Playground in Beresford.

Bulow Park Playground

bulow park playground 2

Bulow Park playground is so nice on a warm summer day.

Old style tettertoters at the Balow Park Playgrounds.


Bulow park bank shell.

Bulow park bank shell.


Enjoy a picnic at Bulow Park.



















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